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LUCI Software: a lifetime investment at low costs

free updates and support • perpetual license • licensing in subscription form • management of multiple licenses • customized and branded apps • radio community apps

Our software enables you to send and receive professional live audio via IP from different platforms, at diverse locations, at extremely attractive prices and in the most efficient and effective way possible. International broadcasting corporations, national, regional and local TV and radio stations, Internet radio, voice-over actors, keynote speakers, spokespeople and many others have discovered LUCI and are actively using it. Join them.

The LUCI Live software not only ‘streams’ to the LUCI Studio software, but also to other standard studio set-ups and hardware, such as Comrex, Telos and/or Dalet, etc. The only prerequisite for the set-up and software installation is a reasonable technical know-how of audio systems. However, the interfaces so user-friendly they can easily be operated and controlled by a layperson following the basic instructions.


The LUCI Technology revolutionized broadcasting over IP and was first shown at IBC in 2004. Nowadays, LUCI is a familiar and well-established brand name. Besides offering live streaming apps and configurations for all mobile and PC platforms like LUCI Live, LUCI Live Lite and LUCI Studio, there are also LUCI custom apps and LUCI Community apps. These are customized broadcast applications for all kinds of broadcast and cross-media organisations. All LUCI Software is compatible with Technica Del Arte’s own microphone cables for mobile and PC, and various hardware such as codecs, newsroom systems, broadcast media tools, sound cards and other studio software.

Find out the compatibility, complementary and customisation of our LUCI Software. All LUCI apps are affordable, user-friendly professional tools to stream content live or remotely to all types of media point-to-point or in the cloud, taking into account the requirements of any contributor.




Just the way you like it !

Customization is the answer if you want to equip your reporters with your own attractive, user-friendly live mobile radio tool. Compatible to your own (newsroom) systems and requirements, the LUCI Technology serves as the foundation, customized with additional features and design.

Produce and deliver perfect live audio (with video) to your studio. Whatever your platform, make the LUCI Live full and lite app your own.


Since 2004 numerous new features, versions and applications were added and will be added henceforth. The strength of LUCI is that all our products are constantly further developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class professional journalists, technicians and producers from major national broadcast stations all over the world. All feedback is highly appreciated and taken seriously as we always want to go the extra mile and offer our clients not only just that bit extra but also the possibility of custom made solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a tailor made solution, exchange your best practices and recommendations, and or just like to give your feedback on our products.


With LUCI Studio you can transform your Windows PC or laptop into a high-quality live – web or standard – radio transmitter-receiver. In whatever event, with the LUCI Studio basic package, a dialogue can be entered into with 1 reporter who uses the live software. A standard 1 codec stream is supplied. On the one hand, the software can be downloaded from the web onto a single PC or laptop and, on the other, it can be ordered on USB so that you can choose to use your hardware more flexibly, instead of being restricted to 1 PC or laptop. If, in addition, you wish to receive several streams or live contributions from different reporters simultaneously, it’s possible to purchase these extra streams separately, both for the download and the USB versions. Configurations for 64 simultaneous stereo streams per computer are possible. Read more…

  • Operating systems: Windows XP and later including Windows 10
  • Hardware used for LUCI Studio Laptop or PC (or both if using USB)
  • Purchase of software and licence (unlimited validity incl. free updates) and if required, USB Via webshop