All in one solutions

  • Go live on air in studio quality
  • Record, edit and publish audio recordings, wirelessly
  • Currently available on iPhone, iPad, MAC, BlackBerry, Windows PC, Linux and Android
  • Webcast publications
  • Add pictures, videos and external files
  • Bring down broadcasting costs
  • Increase the amount of material that makes it to air
  • Increase the number of live reports
  • Realise User Generated Content

Get the must-have mobile journalism app: LUCI Live Video for iOS. Available as in-app purchase for 49,- euro.

What is Luci Live?


Innovative cross media software

Luci® Software transforms your iPhone or Smartphone into a mobile IP-codec, software IP-codec for PC/MAC or high quality mpeg-recorder. Reporters only need one device to go live, record audio, edit, add pictures or videos and send to the studio – wirelessly!

Luci delivers a professional and streamlined approach to your reportage, bringing with it the highest levels of quality, user-friendliness and reliability. Live reports and recordings can be made utilising standard formats – including metadata – that are suitable for transmission right away, either via WI-FI, 3G, BGAN, webcast or traditional media.

On top of that it’s quick and easy to use. Whether you’re a radio- or web-journalist, Luci is the perfect way to ensure you’re first with the news, no matter where you are.

Continuous development in close co-operation

Luci® Software was officially launched during IBC 2004. Since then numerous new features, versions and applications were added and will be added henceforth. The strength of LUCI is that all our products are constantly further developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class professional journalists, technicians and producers from major national broadcast stations all over the world. All feedback is highly appreciated and taken seriously as we always want to go the extra mile and offer our clients not only just that bit extra but also the possibility of custom made solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a tailor made solution, exchange your best practices and recommendations, and or just like to give your feedback on our products.

Luci® Software

Looking for multi-platform live audio broadcasting over IP?
Replace your conventional broadcasting equipment with Luci® Software running on your iPhone, smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Luci is available as a Luci Live client app and in a Luci Studio client & server app. Luci provides excellent broadcast quality, with the software constantly updated to the latest IP technology and standards. Lifetime free updates and support ! All Luci® Software is also available pre installed on a USB drive, works with any computer without installing and registering the software again.

LUCI live
Live two-way studio quality audio, broadcast to many different types of professional IP-codecs.

Luci Studio features...Professional audio over IP networking software. Transforms your Windows PC into a high-quality, live internet broadcasting receiver or source.

Luci Live Lite features....
A limited feature set version of Luci Live, for live streaming only. The record, edit and ftp functions are removed and codec choices are limited.

Luci Accessories

Enhance your Luci® Software experience.
Combine Luci with professional custom designed hard- and software. Like the MIKI microphone cable with integrated pre-amplifier, the ULCC codec, the Luci iPhone Windshield and the USB drive with pre-installed Luci® Software, giving you flexibility with your Luci license. Broadcasters Worldwide are working with Luci® Software and these accessories, developed and designed by Technica Del Arte, delivering high quality professional audio solutions. Read more…

High quality LUCI accessories