LUCI accessories: enhance your LUCI software experience

Combine LUCI with professional custom designed hard- and software. Like the MIKI microphone cable with integrated pre-amplifier, the ULCC codec, the LUCI iPhone Windshield and the USB drive with pre-installed LUCI software, giving you flexibility with your LUCI license. Broadcasters Worldwide are working with LUCI software and these accessories, developed and designed by Technica Del Arte, delivering high quality professional audio solutions.

MIKI cable
MIKI cable
The MIKI cable connects a microphone, headphone and mobile device into one single unit, thus eliminating the need for extra cables! Major broadcasters wordwide are equipping their reporters with the MIKI cable so that they can produce the very best sound quality during interviews or events. Even musicians are using it.

  • Just 1 cable to connect your mic, headphone and mobile device
  • Field proven by major broadcasters worldwide
  • Best of class sound quality
  • The reporter’s perfect companion
  • Works with LUCI Live, LUCI Live Lite and other live broadcasting software
  • 2 Meters of professional microphone cable with integrated preamplifier (Gain +7 dB) and headphone output
  • No batteries required
  • No extra cable needed
  • Excellent EMI shielding and protection
  • 3 Position slide switch to select Hi, Lo(att:-10 dB) or Line(att:-40 dB) input sensitivity
  • Stereo 3.5 mm socket for headphone and metal Switchcraft XLR connector for the microphone
  • Slim and bumper friendly custom made 3.5 mm jack plug. Easily inserts into the headset input of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands

Price: € 69

Compatible with iOS devices, iPod, iPhone & iPad and all other devices that have the same headset connection layout

Miki – black

Price: € 69
Article code: MIKI-B

If you live outside Europe you can purchase the MIKI at

Luci iPhone Windshield

iPhone 4 Windshield
Responding to customer requests, we offer professional windshields for outdoor use at news, sport or social media events where the elements can affect the quality of your content.

  • Rugged custom fit for iPhone
  • Custom printing with broadcaster’s logo, up to 4 colours
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Price: € 19, excl. custom print


iPhone Windshield

Price: € 19 , without print.
Article code: i4WS


ULCC - Ultra Low Complexity Coding for Audio
Ultra Low Complexity Coding for Audio. For professional performance with or without LUCI Software.

  • Low power usage at recording and playback
  • High quality
  • Excellent for Multichannel Compressed Audio Recording

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  • Noise isolating in-the-ear headphones, perfectly suitable as a small, portable and lightweight alternative to conventional headphones, with maximum emphasis on optimum sound experience. Designed by a hearing instrument manufacturer!
  • Deep and comfortable fitting soft tips, 3 available sizes, are a pleasure to wear for a longer period of time during the day, without irritation
  • Premium sound quality over a broad frequency range without turning up the volume, to prevent possible damage to your hearing
  • Stylish design and compatible with most MP3 players, cell phones and personal computers
  • Extra protection filter against cerumen and moisture

Price: € 99

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Price: € 99
Article code: QS