Luci Global with Backbone Co-Host

Luci Global with Backbone Co-Host

Your Station Anywhere. This means you can produce your radio shows from everywhere, simultaneously. Conference studio quality live feeds from your co-hosts around the world, guests and field reporters, who require nothing more than an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, using the free Luci Global app. Backbone Co-Host, is the cloud- based radio backhaul service  for correspondent feeds developed specifically for professional Sports, News and Talk stations.

LUCI Global enables a community of reporters, radio guests and co-hosts to contribute to broadcasts of any station listed in the LUCI Global directory, via 4G or wi-fi, using a free iOS app from the iTunes App Store. Upcoming versions will be available for Android and other devices.

Backbone Co-Host is a cloud-based radio backhaul and production service for the radio station that manages incoming feeds using Apple Mac-based producer/screener software. Co-Host allows multiple hosts, guests and reporters to conference with each other, and also with listeners who call into the station’s phone system (Backbone Talk™).


Broadcast Quality Tie-Lines – For those special remote guests who should sound like they’re in the studio with you.  Use these lines for your field reporters on mobile devices, and conference them together.

Enable your field reporters – They can connect with their smartphone using the LUCI Global application for high fidelity audio reporting from the field.

Familiar Controls – Feel comfortable with on-screen controls you recognize, including Dial, Ring, Connect, Hold, Conference, Busy All and Drop.  Configurable number of callers, up to 10 simultaneous.

No Extra Equipment – Everything is right on your Mac and in the cloud.  No bulky studio phone switches, no expensive multi-line handsets and no phone lines to run. Just plug in a headset, and you’re on the air talking to callers.

Call Screener – The separate Call Screener module is available for use on another Mac.  It allows Producers and Talent to manage callers while maintaining constant communications with each other on their Macs.

Remote Screener – Leave your call screener at home and save on travel.  Share your screener among shows from different cities.  The phone system in the cloud permits screener and talent to function a world apart.