There is a vast choice of LUCI apps running on mobile devices, desktops or laptops with internet access, and it’s even compatible with third party hardware codecs. The choice is yours.

Reporter side

to stream live audio remotely to the studio via a mobile, tablet, PC or MacBook we offer perpetual and subscription types of licenses with a wide choice of extra features.

Studio side

to receive live streams from remote contributors we provide LUCI Studio for Windows or Mac. Provided with a multichannel sound card, you can even receive up to 64 streams simultaneously.

Get a LUCI app for reporting


Whether contributors have a mobile, tablet, PC or MacBook subscription, monthly rent, perpetual license or free community app, make sure to have a stable 4G network, WiFi or fixed line internet connection to stream live to your station(s). At the station side have either LUCI STUDIO properly installed or a third party hardware codec like Comrex or Telos to receive the live incoming stream. Check out all features below. Still not sure this is the right solution for you? Get in touch!


The must have app to stream live Audio over IP by using professional industry standard codecs like AAC-HE to ensure the best studio quality audio. Includes the built-in option of recording both audio and video while broadcasting live. This enables editing and / or ftp uploading of separate audio and video recordings later. It can even insert and play your edited pre-recorded audio reports during any live broadcast!

Also available as MAX subscription or monthly rental


The app for any contributor, presenter or reporter who just wants the simplicity of pushing one button to stream live audio over IP with a choice of different industry standard, professional quality codecs and protocols. The ideal solution for flexible and excellent live broadcasting.

Also available as PREMIUM subscription or monthly rental


A lighter, limited and budget app for live audio streaming over IP. Use our ULCC codec to connect to your station’s LUCI STUDIO and be impressed by the professional audio quality. Build in the slightly lower quality G722 for other connections, which is still many times better than a telephone call.

Also available as BASIC subscription


The group app in which many radio stations worldwide participate to allow their contributors to stream live over IP to their station for free. Get listed to ensure the best studio quality from anyone, anytime and anywhere by the simple push of one button. By adding your logo to your listing, it is like having your own corporate customized app. And get a pin code access to prevent unwanted guests coming in.

Available as a monthly subscription


You can decide to get a professional, customized LUCI app for all platforms so that you can equip large numbers of users, you’ll need to have your objectives, purpose and scope clear. We can help you to define your functions, integration and use with your existing SIP and IP audio codec infrastructure and the deployment and management of your customized app.

Available as an annual subscription


Buy or subscribe to a vast amount of flexible multiple platform (and even customized) licenses and combine with an account in the LUCI License Manager to manage all. Have an immediate overview of which license is installed to what device, when it has been activated and by whom, or which license still remains to be used or moved to another device or user.

One price for all platforms and monthly subscription to the LUCI License Manager

and LUCI STUDIO for receiving


At the station side have a LUCI STUDIO properly installed to a Windows pc or Macbook to receive the live incoming stream from any LUCI app your reporters are using.

The ultimate studio set up for desktop or MacBook to transform these devices into a professional live internet broadcasting receiver or source. Receive and send separate or multiple live streams to and from any type of LUCI app. Provided with a multi-channel sound card, you can get up to 64 streams simultaneously. Use the software stand-alone or combine with more remote LUCI STUDIOs, other network devices or third party professional hardware codecs.

Also available as a monthly rental

Enhance your LUCI software experience

Combine LUCI with our professional custom designed hardware giving you flexibility with your LUCI license. Like the uMi, usb audio and the MIKI microphone smart connection cables with integrated DSP and pre-amplifier.

Get the right LUCI Solution for you!

From a small, one employee (web)radio station up to large (inter)national media organizations with multiple affiliated stations and their own newsroom systems we can meet your demands and offer you various solutions. If it’s not in our existing portfolio, we will always listen and do our best to make you a custom solution. We want to meet your expectations and the challenges of tomorrow, so that we can broaden our product portfolio in line with our customer’s needs.

Whether you are a freelance (mobile) journalist, podcaster or voice-over artist you will probably have a few things in common: you want high quality audio; a user-friendly interface; and the option to break your news and live stream your items to different stations or destinations. If that’s you, then LUCI Live Lite could be the solution. If you want to have a full codec choice and the option to record, edit and upload your items remotely as well, then get LUCI Live and enjoy the extra features.

A special LUCI Software package is available at a substantial discount – up to 50% – for educational institutes and / or J-schools and can be tailored to your needs. For instance, you could choose one license of LUCI Studio with extra streams and up to five licenses of LUCI Live, allowing you to equip both the school and your students. With an annual commitment and subscription to our license manager, you can move your licenses from one student to another. Are you an educator or facilitator? Contact us for purchasing and licensing options for classrooms, departments and institutions.

Technica Del Arte offers support to international, regional and local communities and charities worldwide who’d choose radio to voice their activities. We help them to set up their production and distribution network by providing LUCI Software at either no, or very low cost. We also offer discounts on our products to NGOs working to promote media development and we are always looking for new projects. Contact us for more information.

Aren’t we both figuring out how to best serve our customer’s needs? So why not work in partnership to give our customers the great products they want? Would you like to sell your own live streaming broadcast app, compatible with and added to your hardware or software? Or would you like to join a product bundling package? We see such collaborations as an added value to both our companies, resulting in a win-win relationship. We can offer much more than our software manufacturing expertise. Contact Technica Del Arte BV to find out if our DNA fits together and how we can team up. Looking forward meeting you!


We recommend you check that LUCI Live and/or LUCI Studio will work on your device and your platform by downloading the software here.  It will run in fully-functional demo mode – i.e. it will mute the audio I/O for 1 second every 20 seconds. This is the only difference between a purchased full version or a 30-day trial.